Tying prusik loops for easy carrying and access
Fold the loop with the knot at the end. The hard bit is judging the length to fold.

As a rule take the third of rope at the knot end and fold that third in half.

Start winding the rest of the loop back around the folded section away from the knot. Continue winding making sure the wrapped cord is tight (if it's loose it will easily unravel)
Keep winding until there is a short length of loop left to wind.

The original folded section now forms a small double loop ...

Thread the loose end through the double loop and tighten everything up.

The photo is exaggerated. The double loop and loose end should be as short as practical.

The finished loop can be hung (with more of the same) on a snap link carabiner.

Lengths of loops will vary according to use. Short ones for abseil backup, long ones for use ascending ropes.