Algonquin Provincial Park. Canoe Trip: Tim River
Carol Haynes
June 2001

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Tim Lake Grace sawing wood More sawing A favourite pastime Grace Steven
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Loon on Tim Lake Another Loon Dragonfly emerging Dragonfly Evening moose spotting It ran away when it spotted us
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Moose have long legs Just Grazing Keeping a watchful eye I'm going A completely different moose (honest) Steven and Brian (or is it pirates?)
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Hi Grace! Andrew First Beaver dam Another larger dam This is where I sank to my knees in the mud Steven and Brian
Img00059 Img00060 Img00070 Img00071 Img00072 moose-print
Resting from the wind Longbow Lake entrance Not a good place to be after dark! Of course we had to go up dams too and it was a struggle at times moose-print with Grace's foot for comparison
totem washing-up        
Totem Pole (someone had time on their hands at the campsite) The washing-up ritual