Bracebridge and High Falls

Most of my holiday was based in Bracebridge, where my parents live. It is a small pleasant town with a busy main street (Manitoba Street) and plenty of scenic areas close at hand.

The Town Falls and bay are a particularly attractive area at the bottom of Manitoba Street.

Bracebridge Falls (now converted to produce Hydro-electric)
Manitoba Street
Bracebridge Bay (opposite the Town Falls)
One of Bracebridge's early and famous residents was Rene Caisse. A memorial has been erected to her at the bottom of Manitoba Street. The inscription reads:

Rene M. Caisse, RN.

Discoverer of Essiac®

Aug. 11, 1888 - Dec. 26, 1978

*Canada's Cancer Nurse*


In 1922, Nurse Caisse discovered an original herbal formula that helped ease the pain and suffering of cancer patients. She named her formula Essiac®. Since 1922, thousands of people worldwide believe that Essiac® has helped to restore their health. During her lifetime, Rene Caisse refused to be lured away from Bracebridge, Ontario, determined that her herbal remedy be recognized as being made in Canada, of herbs harvested from the Canadian Pre-Cambrian Shield on which this memorial stands. Nurse Caisse insisted that Essiac®, natural, safe and effective herbal medicine be made available to all of mankind.

Erected by Essiac® Canada International - November 2000

Just outside Bracebridge, north on Highway 11, is a beautiful scenic spot called High Falls. There are trails in the area including the Trans-Canada Trail. The Muskoka River is a major river in the area, and now particularly beautiful. The river is regularly canoed but I think High Falls is probably not on the agenda!



Rene Caisse

Trans Canada Trail

High Falls