Trans-Canada Trail, in search of Jerusalem
One evening we went for a walk along a short stretch of the Trans-Canada Trail.

We had been told that pioneer homes were still in evidence part way along the trail and so we set off with great enthusiasm. Apparently the pioneer hamlet was originally called Jerusalem, but after an evening of thick mosquitoes and black-flies I either have a new and increased respect for the early settlers or else their idea of a promised land is far removed from mine.

Coming from the UK (where there are lots of open spaces where people generally walk where they please) one of the strange aspects of walking in Ontario is that you almost always have to walk along made up trails because of the dense forest cover.

The evening was the only practical time for a walk as the daytime temperatures were in excess of 30ºC (and at times over 36ºC !!), and even night time temperatures were often over 22ºC. However this was a bad move and we soon regretted our decision because of the vicious biting we got within a few hundred metres!
One of the interesting bits of fauna was the army worms which seem to invade Ontario on a ten year cycle. There are two types, one of which makes its home in the trees in what looks like a remarkably large and dense web. The worms are in fact a kind of caterpillar and are noted for the way they strip entire trees of foliage.

Having wandered (and slapped/sprayed for about an hour) my father decided to return to the car and mum and I continued on to try and find Jerusalem. We eventually came to a T junction in the trail. Having been told we couldn't get lost (!!) and all we had to do was follow the trail we decided to try the left fork. This quickly led us onto a deeply rutted and densly covered snow mobile track where the bugs, if anything, got even worse. Unable to face any more bugs we beat a hasty retreat and so Jerusalem remains the Promised Land we never found.

When we got home again we telephoned the friend who had recommended the trail and apparently we were less than five minutes from our goal. He did, however, show us some pictures (reproduced below) of the pioneer settlement.