Sainte-Marie among the Hurons
Founded by French Jesuits in 1639 Sainte-Marie was built as a retreat for missionaries and a refuge for Christian Wendat people; the Wendat (called Huron by the French) and Iroquois being the local native tribes.

The Wendat welcomed the French and taught them many of their skills and knowledge. The Wendat were skilled at herbal medicine but were badly affected by the incoming Jesuits and the diseases they brought. The Jesuits brought their own doctors who used bleeding as their main remedy and were rather less skilled than the Wendat at curing local ailments. The Wendat, however, could not deal with the new western ailments and so many died as a result.

By 1684 Sainte-Marie was home to 20% of the Europeans in New France.

The Jesuits and other Westerners had their own living area within the stockade (as seen above) including a private Jesuit chapel. The Christian Wendat also had a separate area including traditional native dwellings of teepees and a longhouse (see below).

Rivalry between the Wendat and Iroquois came to a head in 1684 when the village of St. Joseph was attacked and many Wendat and Father Antoine Daniel lost their lives. A year later Fathers Jean de Brebeuf and Gabriel Lalemant along with hundreds of Wendat lost their lives to the Iroquois.

Sainte-Marie was never attacked (as expected) but the Jesuits and Christian Wendat abandoned the settlement and set fire to the mission.

The Jesuits later tried to establish a new mission outpost on Christian Island but abandoned the project and left the Wendat area to return to Quebec.

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The Martyrs' Shrine
The Martyrs' Shrine was built (in 1925) to commemorate the Christian Martyrs who lived and worked in the Wendake (Huron) region of Ontario.

This is a rather splendid building built high on the hill just outside Sainte-Marie.

Not surprisingly there are no memorials to the hundreds of Wendat that also died at the same time, and especially those that died as a result of the Jesuit missionary attempts, through imported influenza and small-pox.

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