Climbing in Barrie
Having made contact with Bill Brabender via various Internet groups we decided to meet up for a climb.

Climbing in Ontario seems a bit limited unless you travel to the Niagara escarpment and so we decided to meet up at the climbing wall in Barrie and go for a climb.

Neither of us were especially fit so it suited us to climb indoors.

Unfortunately my photography whilst belaying was not up to much, so enjoy Bill's bum (or Bill's fanny if you're a Trans-Atlantic cousin - and Bill objects to being called a bum !) and a picture of me.

I did warn him that his photo would be published. <evil grin>

Off the Wall was okay for an evening's climbing but I wouldn't feel inspired to return for a second visit.

Kelsey's, around the corner, I would revisit as we had an excellent meal afterwards.