A trip to Dorset - and a great steak
Two things stand out in my memory of Dorset - the fire watchtower and the Fiery Grill.

Before the use of aircraft men climbed watch towers to look out for forest fires. They are amazing structures dotted around Ontario. Some of the more remote ones became home for days on end - and remember for most of their history they could only be approached by bushwacking or canoe.

We arrived in Dorset and my parents and their friend Joan were going to drive up to the tower (none of them fancied the climb up it either) but I walked up the Tower Trail. It was a bit unnerving as the path was very indistict in places, except for the odd splodge of paint on a tree, and it didn't help when over halfway up the trail I came to a sign saying 'closed'. I presumed that the sign referred to the snow mobile trail and plodded on through the clouds of mosquitoes.

I eventually emerged on the road just below the tower to the surprise of my parents who were still parking and expected me to be at least another half an hour!

The tower is enormous (82 feet) and feels a bit rickety, consisting of metal staircases bolted together. The stairway is mostly contained within the structure of the tower but the last three or four flights spiral around the outside and it was with some amusement that I saw jibbering visitors who had refused to go to the top, and were finding the climb down rather intimidating.

The view from the top - seen in the panoramas here - are stunning and the pictures really don't do it justice. It does give a fair idea of the forest density of the Algonquin Township area of Ontario. I believe you can see (on a clear day) 360 square miles of forest!

After all the exertion we retreated back to Dorset and visited the Fiery Grill. If you like spicy food (Cajun is their speciality) this is well worth a visit. Time and time again I was impressed by the quality of food in Canada and also the good value for money. I settled for the pepper-steak (with a whole green chilli on the side!). If you are ever in this part of Ontario visit The Fiery Grill - you won't be disappointed.

Dorest from the lookout
View from the top !
The forest cover is truly awesome