Rosseau Animal Sanctuary
One place well worth visiting in the Muskokas is the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary at Rosseau.

The sanctuary helps injured and orphaned wild animals and they are brought in from all over Ontario.

The sanctuary was started by Audrey Tournay in her own home whilst working as a school teacher. She now runs the sanctuary full time with volunteer helpers and has a large collection of animals which are released back to the wild wherever possible.

There is a lot more information on the Sanctuary website, but here are a few of the photos I took on my visit.

A variety of habitats are maintained including this wetland area which I was crossing to reach the captive bear enclosure. Two bears are permanent residents since they had their teeth extracted by men who used them to train their hunting dogs. There were a number of orphaned bear cubs, mostly from their mothers being killed or badly injured in road accidents.
A Eurasian Lynx seems an unlikely resident but this one was rescued from a home in Toronto where it was kept as a pet! Because it is not an indigenous creature it is not possible to release this beautiful creature into the wild. Racoons are probably the most numerous residents at the Santuary and are certainly one of the most entertaining creatures. Apparently some people train them when they are young and they then make good house-pets. These will be reintroduced to the wild.
Looks can be deceptive as this adolescent bear demonstrates. This is definitely as close as I would ever want to get to one of these - and there was a metal grill between us! Due to be released this summer/autumn.